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Name:Galadan, wolflord of the andain
Birthdate:Dec 4
Galadan is the son of Cernan, god of the wild in Fionavar, first of all the worlds. He is the most powerful of the andain, the half-blooded children of the gods, and a commander of the forces of Rakoth Maugrim, the Unraveller.

He loves Lisen, fairest child of Pendaran Wood, but she chose another--a mortal--who sailed across the sea and never returned. She followed him, leaping to her death from the Tower that was built so that she might watch for her beloved.

And it was then that Galadan's dreams changed--he yearned only for the world's ending.

All the worlds' ending.

And so it is that he who should have been a force for light turned toward the dark, and pulled it close, an odd sort of comfort for his ravaged and barren heart.

Important note: Galadan's mental shields are essentially impermeable as long as he has them up. If they go down, it will be explicitly mentioned in narration. Essentially, in his canon, only the one creature entirely removed from the pattern of life was able to breach his mental shielding. Galadan is not a fan.

Galadan is a shapeshifter, who turns into a black-and-silver wolf at will. He has other powers, as well, given his position as Lord of the andain; these include the ability to travel from one world to another, and to call down darkness. He is also very well able to hide his Shadowed state from the Light--he hid from them for a thousand years, after all. In human form he is lithe and black haired, with a silver streak near his temple and a red scar on that same side of his face. He is approximately 5'5" - 5'6" in height. He often gives the impression of being much larger. Call it force of personality.

Galadan is from The Fionavar Tapestry and is the property of Guy Gavriel Kay. No profit is being made off this journal, it is for use only in [info]milliways_bar, an online RPG.

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cernan, family, fionavar, rakoth maugrim, weaving the tapestry, wolves
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